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1978 Volume 29 Issue 6

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Coping with catastrophe: Implications to information systems design
Bruce Gilchrist

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Building better SDI profiles for users of large, multidisciplinary data bases
Robert J. Sprague | L. Ben Freudenreich

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Assessing the benefits and promise of an international information program (AGRIS)
F. W. Lancaster | John Martyn

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The application of multiple-criteria utility theory to the evaluation of information systems
Saul Herner | Kurt J. Snapper

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Designing a multilingual terminology bank for united states translators
Sara E. Morton

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On the nature of fuzz: A diatribe
Stephen E. Robertson

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Can retrieval of information from citation indexes be simplified? Multiple mention of a reference as a characteristic of the link between cited and citing article
Gertrud Herlach

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Academic librarians' jobtype and contact with information sources
Charles R. McClure

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A comparison of the readability of synopses and original articles for engineering synopses
Paul B. Mayes

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Cliqueing and patent classification
Peter Glickert

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The importance of recall
Richard S. Marcus

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Data structures and management. 2nd ed. Ivan Flores. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall; 1977. 390p
Wayne D. Dominick

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Bibliographic services throughout the world 1970-74. Marcelle Beaudiquez, ed. Paris: Unesco; 1977, 419p
Hans H. Wellisch

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Directory Information Service. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Co.; 1977: over 300 pages per year. Three issues per year. Price: $36.00/yr
Albert C. Vara

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The subject approach to information. 3rd ed. A.C. Foskett. Hamden, CT: Linnet Books; 1977: 476 pp. ISBN: 0-208-01546-9. Price: $12.00
F. W. Lancaster