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1979 Volume 30 Issue 3

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Editor's note
Charles T. Meadow

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The importance of SDI for current awareness in fields with severe scatter of information
Katherine H. Packer | Dagobert Soergel

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Assessing the effect of computer augmentation on staff productivity
Harold E. Bamford Jr.

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On types of search and the allocation of library resources
Michael K. Buckland

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On-line serials collection analysis
Michael E. D. Koenig

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Financial aspects of industrial information centers: A survey
Joseph J. Talavage

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Structure of the psychological literature
Gabriel Pinski | Francis Narin

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Utility-theoretic indexing
Patrick Wilson

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Utility-theoretic indexing: A note on Wilson's note
William S. Cooper

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Science, Shcharansky, and the Soviets
Isai Goldstein

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Relation of title length to number of authors
Harold Borko | Matthew Koll