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1979 Volume 30 Issue 5

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SEQUEL as a Language for Document Retrieval
Ian A. Macleod

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Application of Queueing Network Models to Optimization of Resource Allocation within Libraries
J. MacGregor Smith | Nilliam B. Rouse

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Two Models for Predicting Subject Circulation: A Contribution to the Allocation Problem
William E. McGrath

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Abraham Baokstein

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National Network of Information in Poland
Joseph Z. Nitecki

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Idea Tactics
Marcia J. Bates

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A Test of Buck's Prime Number Coding Scheme
Ana Divino Cleveland | Donald B. Cleveland

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Actuality and Obsolescence of Scientific Literature
Aurel Avramescu

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Pricing Policy for Library Services
Cheryl A. Casper

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On the Value of Information
Stanley Ozog

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Air Pollution Technical Information Network: A Revised Approach
Peter Halpin | John E. Knight

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Letters to the Editor
Allan D. Pratt | Donald Leatherdale | Charles T. Meadow | Charles H. Davis | Debora Shaw