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1980 Volume 16 Issue 4-5

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Promotion of information science research by the government of the Federal Republic of Germany
Fritz Lohner | Norbert Henrichs

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Research in information science in France
Serge Chambaud | Thérèse Delpech

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Promotion of information science research in Japan
Atsuko Toyama | Kazuhiko Nakayama | Akifumi Oikawa

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Oriented scientific programs and the development of information research in the U.S.S.R.
K. S. Losev | N. V. Turtanov

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National research programs in information science in the United Kingdom
John Gray | Karen Sparck Jones

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Information science and technology at the national science foundation
Howard L. Resnikoff

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National agendas of research in information science: An overview
Vladimir Slamecka