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1980 Volume 31 Issue 2

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The implementation of SCATT
Peter Davis | Wladimir M. Sachs

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A progress report on information privacy and data security
Gerard Salton

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Retrieval behavior of derived truncated search keys for a large on-line bibliographic file
Kunj B. Rastogi

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A technique for evaluating automatic term clustering
Martin Dillon | Priscilla Caplan

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Education and training for computer-based reference services: A case study
Jo Robinson

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Informatics and transborder data flow: The question of social impact
Richard H. Veith

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The distribution of scientific productivity and social change
I. K. Ravichandra Rao

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Microcomputer-generated graphic displays as an aid in string indexing
Timothy C. Craven

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Coal gasification
Paul De Haen

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Indexing Concepts and Methods. Harold Borko and Charles L. Bernier. New York: Academic; 1978: 256 p. ISBN 0-12-118660-1. Price: $14.00
Hans H. Wellisch

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Online Searching: The Impact on User Charges of the Extended Use of Online Information Services. T. P. Barwise. Paris: International Council of Scientific Unions Abstracting Board; 1979
F. W. Lancaster