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1980 Volume 31 Issue 3

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Rationalization of secondary services: Measurement of coverage of primary journals and overlap between services
J. Michael Brittain | Stephen Andrew Roberts

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Comparing Psychological abstracts and Index medicus For coverage of the journal literature in a subject area in psychology
Topsy N. Smalley

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Comparison of peer and citation assessment of the influence of scientific journals
Paul R. McAllister | Richard C. Anderson | Francis Narin

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On-line systems in science and technology
Susan Crawford | Alan M. Rees

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On-line systems: History, technology, and economics
Charles P. Bourne

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On-line systems of disciplines and specialty areas in science and technology
John J. Regazzi | Bruce Bennion | Susan Roberts

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Nonbibliographic on-line data base services
Judith Wanger | Ruth N. Landau

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Medline: An introduction to on-line searching
Davis B. McCarn

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On-line systems in the communication process: Projections
F. W. Lancaster | Linda C. Smith

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Compression of continuous prose texts using variety generation
David Cooper | Michael A. Emly | Michael F. Lynch | A. Robin Yeates

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Characterizing the industrial special library universe
Eugene B. Jackson | Ruth L. Jackson

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An examination of differences between two studies of highly cited old papers
C. D. Hurt

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Journal of the ASIS vs. Nachrichten für Dokumentation: A Comparative Analysis of Citations
Hans H. Wellisch

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Highly cited old papers
Charles Oppenheim | Eugene Garfield

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Buck's prime number coding scheme
Gerard Salton | Ana D. Cleveland

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The Social Sciences and Information (in Russian) (Obshchestvennye nauki i informatiia). V. A. Vinogradov. Moscow: Nauka; 1978; 262 pp
Frederick W. Ryan