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1980 Volume 31 Issue 4

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Answer-passage retrieval by text searching
John O'Connor

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Fuzzy requests: An approach to weighted boolean searches
Abraham Bookstein

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Measurement in information science: Objective and subjective metrical space
Bertram C. Brookes

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Approaches to forecasting demands for library network services
Jong H. Kang | William B. Rouse

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Performance testing of a book and its index as an information retrieval system
Bruce C. Bennion

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Searching biases in large interactive document retrieval systems
David C. Blair

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The combined use of bibliographic coupling and cocitation for document retrieval
Julie Bichteler | Edward A. Eaton III

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The cultural appraisal of efforts to alleviate information inequity
Glynn Cochrane | Pauline Atherton

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The evolution of the international information system on research in documentation (ISORID)
Celia Hales

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Indexing exhaustivity and the computation of similarity matrices
Alan F. Harding | Peter Willett

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Another look at OCLC's potential for special libraries
Ruth Ann Beasley

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JASIS publication statistics
T. D. Kuch

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Indexing and behavior
Edmond Mignon

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JASIS Publication statistics - authors' reply
Charles T. Meadow | Mary Ann Zaborowski

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Manfred Kochen

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On the value of information
John B. Griffiths

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On the value of information - author's reply
Stanley Ozog