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1980 Volume 31 Issue 6

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The library community at a technological and philosophical crossroads: Necessary and sufficient conditions for survival
Laurence B. Heilprin

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The use of titles for automatic document classification
Karen A. Hamill | Antonio Zamora

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Susan Crawford

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Library networks and resource sharing in the united states: An historical and philosophical overview
Norman D. Stevens

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Cooperation and competition among library networks
Barbara M. Robinson

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The technology of library and information networks
Hank Epstein

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Directions in library networking
Henriette D. Avram | Sally H. McCallum

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Information and documentation in chile: Progress report. bibliography 1974-1976
Juan R. Freudenthal | Héctor Gómez Fuentes

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Implications of holography for information systems
Henry Voos

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Data bases - history of development and trends
Robert R. Freeman

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Journal evaluation
Maurice B. Line | A. Sandison

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Energy technology - a correction
Elizabeth Van Ryzin

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The Search for a Scientific Profession; Library Science Education in the U.S. and Canada. L. Houser, Alvin M. Schrader. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press; 1978: 192 pp. Price; $8.00
Bruce A. Shuman