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1981 Volume 32 Issue 1

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Lifetime-citation rates: A mathematical model to compare scientists' work
Nancy L. Geller | John S. de Cani | Robert E. Davies

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Cocited author retrieval online: An experiment with the social indicators literature
Howard D. White

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Online searching: Measures that discriminate among users with different types of experiences
Carol Hansen Fenichel

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The use of queuing networks and mixed integer programming to allocate resources optimally within a library layout
J. MacGregor Smith

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Implications of the exact bradford distribution
Philip M. Morse

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The relational model in information retrieval
Robert G. Crawford

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Comparison of recent acquisitions and OCLC find rates for three canadian special libraries
Susan Dingle-Cliff | Charles H. Davis

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Improving keyword indexing
John N. Olsgaard | John Edward Evans

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The brillouin measure of an author's contribution to a literature in psychology
Bert R. Boyce | David Martin

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Translations of scientific and technical articles
Ildiko D. Nowak

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Online searching and paperless publication
John Rothman

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Online systems: History, technology, and economics
Philip R. Bagley