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1981 Volume 32 Issue 2

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Characterization of databases in the agricultural sciences
Rose Mary Juliano Longo | Ubaldino Dantas MacHado

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The impact of interlibrary access to periodicals on subscription continuation/cancellation decision making
Edward S. Warner

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Transfer of information technology to less developed countries: A systems approach
Beth Krevitt Eres

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Patterns in the use of information: The right to be different
Homer J. Hall

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A general formulation of bradford's distribution: The graph-oriented approach
Isao Asai

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Susan Crawford

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Computer technology: State of the art
Frederic G. Withington

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Transmission of information: An overview
George R. Thoma

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Information storage and display
Christopher Burns

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Technology and communication in the future
Manfred Kochen

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Copyright and information transfer
Irving M. Klempner | Allan Wittman