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1981 Volume 32 Issue 6

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Current issues in psycholinguistics
Eric Wanner

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Influence on online bibliographic services on student behavior
Manfred Kochen | Victoria A. Reich | Lee Cohen

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TOXLINE: Evolution of an online interactive bibliographic database
Robert J. Schultheisz

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The adequacy of the science citation index (SCI) as an indicator of international scientific activity
Mark P. Carpenter | Francis Narin

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FAMULUS revisited: Ten years of personal information systems
Hilary D. Burton

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Examining design assumptions for an information retrieval service: SDI use for scientific and technical databases
Elliot Cole

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Document representation in probabilistic models of information retrieval
W. Bruce Croft

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Improving library effectiveness: A proposal for applying fuzzy set concepts in the management of large collections
Earl J. Robinson | Stephen J. Turner