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1982 Volume 18 Issue 3

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Beyond topicality : A two stage view of relevance and the retrieval process
Bert R. Boyce

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Reflink: A microcomputer information retrieval and evaluation system
Kathleen T. Bivins Noerr | Lennart Eriksson

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Comparison of cairs and status information storage and retrieval software over a 3 month period
P. O'N. Hoey

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Citing statements: Computer recognition and use to improve retrieval
John O'Connor

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Defining information–II : A quantitative evaluation of the information content of documents
Eliahu Hoffmann

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Human information seeking: Online searching of bibliographic citation networks
William B. Rouse | Sandra H. Rouse | David R. Morehead

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Some approaches to modeling complex information systems
V. Venkata Rao | Pranas Zunde

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Microcomputer based search/save system for the lockheed information system (dialog)
Benjamin F. Speller Jr. | George F. Bowie III