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1982 Volume 33 Issue 1

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Retrieval language of social sciences and natural sciences: A statistical investigation
Chai Kim

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Similarity measures for boolean search request formulations
Tadeusz Radecki

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Text compression using variable-to fixed-length encodings
David Cooper | Michael F. Lynch

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Postcoordinate retrieval: A comparison of two indexing languages
Ann H. Schabas

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Collaboration in computational musicology
Miranda Lee Pao

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Information resources as "Goods" in the life cycle of information production
Karen B. Levitan

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Citation ranking versus subjective evaluation in the determination of journal hierachies in the social sciences
Michael D. Gordon

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Printer's Devil and reprint requests
Wilson I. B. Onuigbo

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Database comparison
Irving Zarember

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Thomas edison and science
Robert Bezilla

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Word frequencies of spoken american english. hartvig, dahl, essex, ct, usa, and aylesbury, buckinghamshire, england: a verbatim book, distributed by gale research company; 1979
Charles T. Meadow