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1982 Volume 33 Issue 2

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Notice concerning notices
Charles T. Meadow

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Thematic analysis in information science: The example of "literature obsolescence"
T. D. C. Kuch

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A replication of the Nelson and Mitroff experiment in teaching "bothsides" thinking
Jan De Geus | Frans Mulder | Bert Zuurke | Marilyn M. Levine

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An information transfer model to define information users and outputs with specific application to environmental technology
Herbert B. Landau | Jerome T. Maddock | F. Floyd Shoemaker | Joseph G. Costello

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Optimal values of recall and precision
Tore Olafsen | Libena Vokac

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Automatic Nephis coding of descriptive titles for permuted index generation
Timothy C. Craven

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Duplication of japanese names: a problem in citations and bibliographies
Laurel L. Cornell

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Searching the chemical literature
Johanna Ross

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Standardization of journal titles in databases
Anne B. Piternick

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Opening and Closing: Strategies of Information Adaptation in Society. Orrin E. Klapp. New York: Cambridge University Press; 1978
Richard A. V. Diener

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Information Retrieval Systems: Characteristics, Testing and Evaluation, 2nd Ed. F. Wilfrid Lancaster. New York: Wiley; 1979. Price: $19.75
Saul Herner