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1982 Volume 33 Issue 6

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A computer intermediary for interactive database searching. II. Evaluation
Charles T. Meadow | Thomas T. Hewett | Elizabeth Smith Aversa

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A probabilistic approach to information retrieval in systems with boolean search request formulations
Tadeusz Radecki

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The Future of the Printed Word: The Impact and Implications of the New Communications Technology. Philip Hills, Ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1981: 172 pp. Price $25.00
Joseph H. Kuney

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The Social and Psychological Distortion of Information. Charles K. West. Chicago: Nelson-Hall; 1981: 147 pp. Price: $17.95 (8.95 paper)
Richard A. V. Diener

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Computer aids to learning online retrieval
Winifred Sewell

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Lois F. Lunin

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The systems movement: An overview for information scientists
Una Mansfield

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The systems approach: Its variety of aspects
Richard Mattessich

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Systems theory and the meaning of information
Richard N. Langlois

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Adaptive system: The study of information, pattern, and behavior
Gary W. Strong