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Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Proceedings, Berlin, May 18-20, 1982

Gerard Salton, Hans-Jochen Schneider (Editors)

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Research and Development in Information Retrieval, Proceedings, Berlin, May 18-20, 1982

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The Growing Crisis of Traditional Information Retrieval Systems - What is to Follow?
Norbert Henrichs

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FAKYR - A Method Base System for Education and Research in Information Retrieval
Peter Bollmann | E. Konrad | Horst Zuse

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LIARS: A Software Environment for Testing Query Processing Strategies
Duncan A. Buell | Donald H. Kraft

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The Implementation of a Document Retrieval System
W. Bruce Croft | Lynn Ruggles

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An Intelligent Terminal for Implementing Relevance Feedback on Large Operational Retrieval Systems
Joan M. Morrissey

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Messidor: A Distributed Information Retrieval Systems
Catherine Moulinoux | Jean-Claude Faure | Witold Litwin

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Adapting a Data Organization to the Structure of Stored Information
M. Bärtschi | Hans-Peter Frei

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On the Architecture of a System Integrating Data Base Management and Information Retrieval
Horst Biller

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Probabilistic Approaches to the Document Retrieval Problem
M. E. Maron

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The Unified Probabilistic Model for IR
Stephen E. Robertson | M. E. Maron | William S. Cooper

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Explanation and Generalization of Vector Models in Information Retrieval
Abraham Bookstein

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Incorporation of Relevance Feedback into Boolean Retrieval System
Tadeusz Radecki

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An Evaluation of Term Dependence Models in Information Retrieval
Gerard Salton | Chris Buckley | Clement T. Yu

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A Decision Theory Approach to Optimal Automatic Indexing
Gerhard Knorz

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Simulation of Bibliographic Retrieval Databases Using Hyperterms
Jean Tague | Michael J. Nelson

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Techniques for Measuring the Stability of Clustering: A Comparative Study
Vijay V. Raghavan | Maggie Y. L. Ip

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Retrieval of Abstracts by Analogy
Bernd Drewes

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From Research to Application: The Cite Natural Language Information System
Tamas E. Doszkocs

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Machine Intelligence vs. Machine-Aided Intelligence in Information Retrieval: A Historical Perspective
Linda C. Smith

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Information Retrieval by Voice Input and Output
Francis Jack Smith | R. J. Linggard

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Is Text Compression by Prefizes and Suffixes Practical?
Aviezri S. Fraenkel | Moshe Mor | Yehoshua Perl