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1983 Volume 34 Issue 3

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Factors affecting online bibliographic retrieval: A conceptual framework for research
Raya Fidel | Dagobert Soergel

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Electronics, the cost disease, and the operation of libraries
William J. Baumol | Sue Anne Batey Blackman

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A technique of two-stage clustering applied to environmental and civil engineering and related methods of citation analysis
S. Miyamoto | K. Nakayama

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Some aspects of citation behavior: A pilot study in business administration
Chandra G. Prabha

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Office automation: Impact on organization, user, planner
Lois F. Lunin | Elliot Cole

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Office automation technology and functions: An overview
Thomas H. Martin

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Human communication needs and organizational productivity: The potential impact of office automation
Mary J. Culnan | James H. Bair

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Information resources and organizational structure
Evelyn Daniel

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Planning for office automation
Colin K. Mick

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Old and new models for office automation
Elliot Cole