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1984 Volume 20 Issue 5-6

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Assessing scientific performance
John M. Weiner | Stephen M. Stowe | Richard C. Honour | George Denman Hammond

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The value of information and computer-aided information seeking: problem formulation and application to fiction retrieval
David R. Morehead | Annelise Mark Pejtersen | William B. Rouse

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Thesaural relations in a concept-network management system for customizing of permuted index displays
Timothy C. Craven

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Structure of hierarchic clusterings: implications for information retrieval and for multivariate data analysis
Fionn Murtagh

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Automatic indexing of full texts
Zdenek Jonák

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Aspects and the overlap function
Marilyn M. Levine | Leonard P. Levine

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A comparison of two methods for boolean query relevancy feedback
Gerard Salton | Ellen M. Voorhees | Edward A. Fox