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1984 Volume 35 Issue 1

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Statistical recognition of content terms in general text
Martin Dillon | Peggy Federhart

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Internationality of the social sciences: Implications for information transfer
J. Michael Brittain

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Less than full-text indexing using a non-boolean searching model
Donald B. Cleveland | Ana D. Cleveland | Olga B. Wise

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Co-citation analysis and the invisible college
Elliot Noma

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File maintenance of MeSH headings in medline
Susanne M. Humphrey

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Application of modern technologies to interlibrary resource-sharing networks
J. Francis Reintjes

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European research letter: Teaching online information retrieval in united kingdom library schools
Frances E. Wood

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Admissibility of delegates to international meetings
Charles H. Davis

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Information retrieval and the loss of information
Emmanuel P. Papadakis

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The psychology of online searching
Lucinda D. Conger