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1984 Volume 35 Issue 2

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Fair use versus fair return: Copyright legislation and its consequences
Irving Louis Horowitz | Mary E. Curtis

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Dictionary making by conference and committee: NACA and the American Aeronautical Language, 1916-1934
Gerald Johns

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Mapping a curriculum by computer
Howard D. White | Karen Calhoun

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Search interview techniques and information gain as antecedents of user satisfaction with online bibliographic retrieval
Ethel Auster | Stephen B. Lawton

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System design for detection and correction of spelling errors in scientific and scholarly text
Joseph J. Pollock | Antonio Zamora

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Scientific inquiry: A model for online searching
Stephen P. Harter

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A method for studying intercorrelated circulation patterns in library systems
Charles H. Smith

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Applications of multidimensional scaling: Comment on "a method for studying intercorrelated circulation patterns in library systems"
William E. McGrath

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Information seeking expressions of users
Richard L. Derr

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A drill and practice program for online retrieval
Bert R. Boyce | David Martin | Barbara Francis | Mary Ellen Sievert

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Admissibility of delegates - author's reply
Charles T. Meadow

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Practice and research in JASIS
J. Rowley

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The value of information services
Lorraine Y. Stroumtsos

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Syntactically based indexing
Gerard Salton

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On information science
Carl Keren