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1984 Volume 35 Issue 4

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A note on double blind refereeing
Charles T. Meadow

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Use of arabic in computerized information interchange
Mohammed M. Aman

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Online searching styles: A case-study-based model of searching behavior
Raya Fidel

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Informational dynamics of journal article titles
Richard A. V. Diener

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A fuzzy set theory approach to periodical binding decisions
Stephen J. Turner | Gregory O'Brien

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Testing of a natural language retrieval system for a full text knowledge base
Lionel M. Bernstein | Robert E. Williamson

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An investigation of different string coding methods
Pankaj Goyal

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Ithiel de Sola Pool: In memoriam
Manfred Kochen

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Second-hand knowledge. An inquiry into cognitive authority. Patrick Wilson. Greenwood Press, 1983
Charles L. Bernier