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1984 Volume 35 Issue 6

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A new editor for JASIS
Charles T. Meadow

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Pragmatic approach to subject indexing: A new concept
S. Dutta | P. K. Sinha

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A review and application of citation analysis methodology to reading research journal literature
Edward G. Summers

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The effect of spatial arrangement, upper-lower case letter combinations, and reverse video on patron response to CRT displayed catalog records
Benjamin S. Fryser | Keith H. Stirling

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Longitudinal author cocitation mapping: The changing structure of macroeconomics
Katherine W. McCain

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"Citation classics" analysis: An approach to characterizing interdisciplinary research
Daryl E. Chubin | Alan L. Porter | Frederick A. Rossini

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Research productivity and breadth of interest of computer scientists
K. Subramanyam

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The structure of Chinese characters
Stephen J. Tauber

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Derek de solla price
Ivo Steinacker

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Encyclopedia of library and information science, Volume 36. Alan Kent (Ed.). New York: Marcel Dekker, 1983
Evelyn H. Daniel

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Better translation for better communication. G. Van Slype, J. F. Guinet, F. Seitz, and E. Benejam. Oxford: Pergamon Press; 1983: 194 pp
Richard A. V. Diener