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1985 Volume 21 Issue 1

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Changing of the guard - editorial policies of information processing and management
Tefko Saracevic

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Thesaurus of common topics (TCT): Origin, functions, structure
Eugeniusz Scibor | Eleonora Jabrzemska

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Online construction of alphabetic classaurus: A vocabulary control and indexing tool
F. J. Devadason

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Adoption and adaptation in the use of transaction processing systems: The case of OCLC software
Elliot Cole | Katherine W. McCain

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Representation of legal knowledge for conceptual retrieval
George R. Cross | Cary G. de Bessonet

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Every system should have one: A collection of properties which can be used as a criterion for evaluating the quality of a system
Leonard Wilkerson | Arthur Paul

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Processing of inverted files in magnetic bubble memories
Mohammed Zaki | F. Elboraey