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1985 Volume 21 Issue 2

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On book reviewing
Trudi Bellardo

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Online assessment of the value of information for searchers of a bibliographic data base
David R. Morehead | William B. Rouse

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Subjective trial of the performance of the information trace method
L. G. Barendregt | C. A. Benschop | T. de Heer

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Phrase structure rewrite systems in information retrieval
Paul H. Klingbiel

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A common interface for accessing document retrieval systems and DBMS for retrieval of bibliographic data
Michael A. Shepherd | Carolyn R. Watters

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Simulation on three sizes of computers - an evaluation
Vinay K. Vasudev | James M. Pruett

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A cpm analysis of microbiology computerization project for hospital management information processing
N. K. Kwak | Devra A. Long | Marc J. Schniederjans

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Library school faculty strengths in data processing Canadian-U.S. differences
C. D. Hurt