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1985 Volume 36 Issue 3

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Perspectives on ... international information issues
Lois F. Lunin | Beth Krevitt Eres

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Introduction and overview
Beth Krevitt Eres | Lois F. Lunin

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Information transfer as technical assistance for development
Marta Dosa

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International cooperation in information systems and services
A. Neelameghan | J. Tocatlian

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National and international information policy
Jane Bortnick

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An overview of social measures of information
Michel J. Menou

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Information technology and the third world
Vladimir Slamecka

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Access to primary and secondary literature from peripheral or less developed countries
Beth Krevitt Eres | Kathleen T. Bivins Noerr

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Issues in information science education in developing countries
Tefko Saracevic | Gilda M. Braga | Matthew A. Afolayan

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Advanced feedback methods in information retrieval
Gerard Salton | Edward A. Fox | Ellen M. Voorhees

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P. Willett

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Ethics of knowing
Charles L. Bernier

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Socioeconomic conditions related to information activity in less developed countries
Beth Krevitt Eres

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Federal information policy
David E. Nadziejka