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1985 Volume 36 Issue 4

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Private acts and public objects: An investigation of citer motivations
Terrence A. Brooks

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Electronic publishing: The predicament of occasional users in the editorial process
O. L. Standera

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An investigation of online searcher traits and their relationship to search outcome
Trudi Bellardo

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The dillion hypothesis of titular colonicity: An empirical test from the ecological sciences
J. A. Perry

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Informatics and small computers in Latin America
Jose Alvarez | Steven M. Smiley | Francisco Rohrmann

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A note about information science research
Gerard Salton

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ALA glossary of library and information science. Chicago, IL: American Library Association; 1983: 245 pp., $50
B. Tommie Usdin

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Resource sharing and information networks, vol 1, nos 1/2-(Fall/Winter 1983-). New York: The Haworth Press, Inc. Annual subscription rates: $33 for individuals; $60 for institutions and libraries
Marion T. Reid

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MacMillan easy home computer series. (1) The Apple IIe User's Guide. Mark Andrews, 121 pp. (2) The Commodore 64 User's Guide. Jonathan Sacks and Mark Andrews, 121 pp. (3) The IBM PC User's Guide. Michael Bane and Mark Andrews, 121 pp. (4) The TI 99/4A User's Guide. Bill Brewer and Mark Andrews, 121 pp. Roger Sharpe, Ed. New York: MacMillan; 1984. Price: $5.95 each
Ted Mims

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The role of the British library R & D department in supporting library and information research in the United Kingdom
Paul Baxter