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1985 Volume 36 Issue 5

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Split size-rank models for the distribution of index terms
Michael J. Nelson | Jean Tague

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Are there enduring patents?
Elliot Noma | Dominic Olivastro

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The dimensions of perceived accessibility to information: Implications for the delivery of information systems and services
Mary J. Culnan

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The personal computer: Missing link to the electronic journal?
Donald O. Case

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A bibliometric distribution which really works
H. S. Sichel

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Inference control mechanism for statistical database: Frequency-imposed data distortions
Chong K. Liew | Uinam J. Choi | Chung J. Liew

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Teaching database management system use in a library school curriculum
Michael D. Cooper

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The effects of gender and age on preschool children's choice of the computer as a child-selected activity
Betty Spillers Beeson | R. Ann Williams

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A probabilistic theory of indexing and similarity measure based on cited and citing documents
K. L. Kwok

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Andrew A. Aines

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Mapping a Curriculum by Computer
John J. Boll | Douglas L. Zweizig

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Authors' Reply
Howard D. White | Karen Calhoun

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Editor's reply
Donald H. Kraft

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Hans H. Wellisch

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Charles T. Meadow