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1985 Volume 36 Issue 6

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Perspectives on ... The National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
Toni Carbo Bearman | Lois F. Lunin

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National commission on libraries and information science: A brief overview
Elinor M. Hashim

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Library/information services and the nation's elderly
Bessie Boehm Moore | Christina Carr Young

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Information and productivity
Toni Carbo Bearman | Polly Guynup | Sandra N. Milevski

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The politics of information
Robert Lee Chartrand

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Access to information: The dream and reality
John E. Juergensmeyer | Sarah G. Bishop

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Bibliometric techniques applied to issues management: A case study
F. W. Lancaster | Ja-Lih Lee

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A problem in information retrieval with fuzzy sets
Duncan A. Buell

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The use of statistical methods in library and information science
Danny P. Wallace

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Structural equivalence in a psychology journal network
Patrick Doreian

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Evaluation of reference services. Bill Katz and Ruth A. Fraley, Eds. New York: Haworth Press; 1984: 334 p. $29.95 (hard)
Charles D. Patterson

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