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1986 Volume 22 Issue 4

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A note on the nature of creativity in engineering: Implications for supporting system design
William B. Rouse

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A novice user's interface to information retrieval systems
R. G. Crawford | H. S. Becker

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End-user information-seeking in the energy field: Implications for end-user access to DOE/RECON databases
Donald Owen Case | Christine L. Borgman | Charles T. Meadow

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The possible effect of abstracting guidelines on retrieval performance of free-text searching
Raya Fidel

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Incorporating theory into database system development
David W. Stemple | Tim Sheard | Ralph E. Bunker

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HIT methodology for complicated data structure design
Frantisek Krejcí

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The effects of communication monitors on user satisfaction
Avi Rushinek | Sara F. Rushinek

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Access to UK academic networks
Patrick Holligan