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1986 Volume 22 Issue 6

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National Science Foundation support for computer and information science and engineering
Harold E. Bamford | Charles N. Brownstein

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Information architectures: Methods and practice
James C. Brancheau | James C. Wetherbe

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Implementing agglomerative hierarchic clustering algorithms for use in document retrieval
Ellen M. Voorhees

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Computer use of a medical dictionary to select search words
John O'Connor

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A thesaurus for end-user indexing and retrieval
Gary W. Strong | M. Carl Drott

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Compression of index term dictionary in an inverted-file-orientated database: Some effective algorithms
Janusz L. Winiewski

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Database structure and system design of an online acquisition system
V. Balasubramanian | Swati Bhattacharyya

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A graphical database interface for casual, naive users
Clifford Burgess | Kathleen M. Swigger

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Cardinality estimation in numeric on-line databases
Kalervo Järvelin