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1986 Volume 37 Issue 2

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An editorial statement: In search of good papers and scholarship
Donald H. Kraft

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Designing menu selection systems
Ben Shneiderman

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Boolean queries and term dependencies in probabilistic retrieval models
W. Bruce Croft

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A comparison of single book renewals by subject and patron status for similar rates of renewal and return
Reginald P. Coady

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Social science information research
David Ellis

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Query processing in database systems
Arie Zvieli

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Videodisc and optical digital disk technologies and their applications in libraries
Terrence A. Brooks

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University science and engineering libraries
Lee Shiflett

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Subject access systems, alternatives in design
Bert R. Boyce

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Supercomputers and parallel computation
Duncan A. Buell

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Retrospective conversion
Christine L. Borgman

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The microcomputer user's guide to information online
Leah H. Siegel

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The Wordtree
Douglas C. Moore

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Editor's Note
Donald Kraft