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1986 Volume 37 Issue 5

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A critical analysis of vector space model for information retrieval
Vijay V. Raghavan | S. K. Michael Wong

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A system for processing bilingual Arabic/English text
F. A. Musa

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Organization of programming knowledge of novices and experts
Susan Wiedenbeck

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Information processes. I. Hierarchical information systems
Dennis Hollenberg

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A relationship between Lotka's Law, Bradford's Law, and Zipf's Law
Ye-Sho Chen | Ferdinand F. Leimkuhler

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The effect of presearch experience on the success of naive (end-user) searches
Kathleen A. Hansen

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Evaluating an information system for policy modeling and uncertainty analysis
Max Henrion | M. Granger Morgan | Indira Nair | Charles Wiecha

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Unanswered questions in the design of controlled vocabularies
Elaine Svenonius

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The use of fuzzy set theory in information retrieval and databases: A survey
Etienne E. Kerre | Rembrand B. R. C. Zenner | Rita M. M. De Caluwe

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On the foundation of evaluation
William M. Shaw Jr.

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The first freedom today
Duncan A. Buell

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The library in the information revolution: Proceedings of the Sixth Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians, Singapore 30 May-3 June 1983
Donald Clay Johnson

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Modeling and analysis of computer communications networks
Tau Chen

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Antiquarian bookselling in the United States: A history from the origins to the 1940s
Lee Shiflett

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Architecture of systems problem solving
Bush Jones

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Letters to the editor
Marilyn M. Levine | C. D. Hurt | William E. McGrath | Jean E. Crampon | Martha Cornog