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1987 Volume 23 Issue 5

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Distributed Expert-Based Information Systems: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Nicholas J. Belkin | Christine L. Borgman | Helen M. Brooks | Tom Bylander | W. Bruce Croft | Penny J. Daniels | Scott C. Deerwester | Edward A. Fox | Peter Ingwersen | Roy Rada

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Basic research in information science in France
Serge Chambaud | Yves-François Le Coadic

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Search success and expectations with a computer interface
Donald MacGregor | Baruch Fischhoff | Lyn Blackshaw

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A logic basis for information retrieval
Carolyn R. Watters | Michael A. Shepherd

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Current research into chemical and textual information retrieval at the department of information studies, University of Sheffield
Michael F. Lynch | Peter Willett

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Data standardization in heterogeneous data bases through the use of data abstraction
Juiliette O. Breazeal | Meera Blattner | Hilary D. Burton

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A logical framework for the correction of spelling errors in electronic documents
Hal Berghel

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Spelling checkers, spelling correctors and the misspellings of poor spellers
Roger Mitton