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1987 Volume 23 Issue 6

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Strategies for building distributed information retrieval systems
Ian A. Macleod | Patrick Martin | Brent Nordin | John R. Phillips

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Predicting document retrieval system performance: an expected precision measure
Robert M. Losee

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Comparing retrieval performance in online data bases
Katherine W. McCain | Howard D. White | Belver C. Griffith

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Correspondence of document file structures to discipline structures
Judith B. Wood

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An efficient file structure for specialized dictionaries and other "lumpy" data
E. J. Yannakoudakis

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Semiautomatic determination of citation relevancy: A preliminary report
G. David Huffman

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The convergence of Moore's/Mooers' law's
Michael E. D. Koenig

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On meaningful menus for measurement: Disentangling evaluative issues in system design
William B. Rouse

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On two roles decision support systems can play in negotiations
Gregory E. Kersten

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A unified perspective on decision making and decision support systems
M. B. Ayati

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Selecting livestock periodicals through citation analysis technique
Segun Adewole