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1987 Volume 38 Issue 1

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Library book circulation and the beta-binomial distribution
E. Gelman | H. S. Sichel

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Optimal clustering in graphs with weighted edges: A unified approach to the threshold problem
Roy Goetschel | William Voxman

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Information retrieval research and ESPRIT
Alan F. Smeaton

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A note on weighted queries in information retrieval systems
Ronald R. Yager

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Introduction and overview
Lois F. Lunin | Joseph P. Caponio

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Section I. National policy for health information services. Policy on management of Federal Information Resources
J. Timothy Sprehe

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Section II. Health sciences libraries. National Library of Medicine: The view at 150 years
Donald A. B. Lindberg

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Effect of federal programs on health sciences libraries
Raymond A. Palmer

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Section III. Health information analysis centers, clearinghouses, and other special projects. Federal health information clearinghouses
Jean A. Westler

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The Neurological Information Network
Alfred Weissberg | Joseph F. Caponio | Lois F. Lunin

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Technical information programs of the National Cancer Institute
Daniel R. Masys | Susan Molloy Hubbard

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Section IV. NTIS - GPO: Federal information disseminators. The National Technical Information Service: A federal resource for health information and services
Darcia D. Bracken

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The U.S. Government Printing Office - Marketing and publishing
Ralph E. Kennickell Jr.

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Section V. Public/private information providers. Evolution of contractor-supported health information activities
Molly A. Wolfe