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1987 Volume 38 Issue 2

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The peer review process for the Journal of the American Society for Information Science (JASIS)
Donald H. Kraft

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Knowledge-assisted document retrieval: I. The natural-language interface
Gautam Biswas | James C. Bezdek | Marisol Marques | Viswanath Subramanian

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Knowledge-assisted document retrieval: II. The retrieval process
Gautam Biswas | James C. Bezdek | Viswanath Subramanian | Marisol Marques

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Emergence of a dominant course of action in a general feedback loop when goal uncertainty is present
Richard A. Aló | André de Korvin | Robert M. Kleyle

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Fuzzy relational databases: Representational issues and reduction using similarity measures
Henri Prade | Claudette Testemale

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Early approaches to bibliometrics
Robert N. Broadus

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Commentary on F.W. Horton's "An Information Bill of Rights"
Diana Woodward

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Information content in textual data: Revisited for Arabic text
Nadia H. Hegazi | Nabil Ali | Ehsan Abed

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Implications of program properties for efficient storage and compilation
Pankaj Goyal

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Regarding erratum
Allan Wittman