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1987 Volume 5 Issue 2

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Semistructured Messages Are Surprisingly Useful for Computer-Supported Coordination
Thomas W. Malone | Kenneth R. Grant | Kum-Yew Lai | Ramana Rao | David Rosenblitt

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Project Nick: Meetings Augmentation and Analysis
Peter Cook | Clarence A. Ellis | Mike Graf | Gail L. Rein | Tom Smith

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WYSIWIS Revised: Early Experiences with Multiuser Interfaces
Mark Stefik | Daniel G. Bobrow | Gregg Foster | Stan Lanning | Deborah G. Tatar

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Contexts - A Partitioning Concept for Hypertext
Norman M. Delisle | Mayer D. Schwartz

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Data Sharing in Group Work
Irene Greif | Sunil K. Sarin