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1987 Volume 5 Issue 4

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Cooperating Knowledge-Based Assistants for the Office
A. Roger Kaye | Gerald M. Karam

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Evolution of an Organizational Interface: The New Business Department at a Large Insurance Firm
Andrew Clement | C. C. Gotlieb

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Strategies for Encouraging Successful Adoption of Office Communication Systems
Susan F. Ehrlich

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Behavioral Experiments on Handmarkings
John D. Gould | Josiane Salaun

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Augmenting Thesauri for Information Systems
Roy Rada | Brian K. Martin

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Office-by-Example: An Integrated Office System and Database Manager
Kyu-Young Whang | Arthur C. Ammann | Anthony Bolmarcich | Maria Hanrahan | Guy Hochgesang | Kuan-Tsae Huang | Al Khorasani | Ravi Krishnamurthy | Gary H. Sockut | Paula Sweeney | Vance E. Waddle | Moshé M. Zloof