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1988 Volume 24 Issue 2

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Concentration places, concentration evolutions, and online information retrieval techniques for calculating them
Leo Egghe

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On the use of bibliographically related titles for the enhancement of document representations
K. L. Kwok

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Adapting of string indexing systems for retrieval using proximity operators
Timothy C. Craven

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Case studies of the indexing and retrieval of pharmacology papers
John Barber | Sheena Moffat | Frances Wood | David Bawden

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Database relaxation: An approach to query processing in incomplete databases
Sheldon Shen

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A generalized database directory for nondense attributes
Dalia Motzkin | Kenneth Williams

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Information professionals–Roles in the design and development of expert systems?
Anne Morris | Margaret O'Nneill

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Ideas and concepts on the Hungarian information economy
József Szabó | Istaván Dienes

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A tool for measuring and analyzing end user computing abilities
Paul H. Cheney | R. Ryan Nelson