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1988 Volume 24 Issue 4

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Measuring relevance judgments
Michael B. Eisenberg

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A total relevance and document interaction effects model for the evaluation of information retrieval processes
Mutawakilu A. Tiamiyu | Isola Ajiferuke

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Experiments with document components for indexing and retrieval
K. L. Kwok | William Kuan

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Perceptions of the information search process in libraries: a study of changes from high school through college
Carol Collier Kuhlthau

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A conceptual approach to decision support system models
Jitender S. Deogun

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OAKDEC, a program for studying the effects on users of a procedural expert system for database searching
Charles T. Meadow

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Knowledge gateways: the building blocks
Donald T. Hawkins | Louise R. Levy | K. Leon Montgomery

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Price's square root law: Empirical validity and relation to Lotka's law
Paul Travis Nicholls

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Definitions and sciences of information
Zhang Yuexiao