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1988 Volume 39 Issue 1

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A new citation format for JASIS
Donald H. Kraft

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Repetitive bibliographical information in relational databases
Terrence A. Brooks

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Parameter estimation for probabilistic document-retrieval models
Robert M. Losee

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K, θ, M model: A bridge and a language
Ji-ren Bao

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Designing the user interface, strategies for effective human-computer interaction
Doris L. Carver

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A difficult balance: Editorial peer review in medicine
Lee Shiflett

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Macrothesaurus for information processing in the field of economic and social development
Bella Hass Weinberg

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Libraries and information science in the electronic age
Audrey N. Grosch

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Networks and data communication
Bert R. Boyce

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Information online 86: Proceedings of the first Australian Online Information Conference
Carol Tenopir

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Electronics, the cost disease, and the operation of libraries
Michael E. Koenig

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Review of "Multinational Computer Nets"
Richard H. Veith

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Introduction and overview
Lois F. Lunin | Peter B. Schipma

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The CD-ROM medium
David H. Davies

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Design considerations for CD-ROM retrieval software
Edward M. Cichocki | Susan M. Ziemer

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CD-ROM software architecture to promote interchangeability
Bill Zoellick

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CD-ROM: Potential markets for information
Julie B. Schwerin

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Creation and distribution of CD-ROM databases for the library reference desk
Ron J. Rietdyk

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A CD-ROM database product for oncology
Peter B. Schipma