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1988 Volume 39 Issue 2

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An evaluation of the applicability of ranking algorithms to improve the effectiveness of full-text retrieval. I. On the effectiveness of full-text retrieval
Jung Soon Ro

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Testing structural-equivalence hypotheses in a network of geographical journals
Patrick Doreian

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The need for information and some aspects of information retrieval systems construction
Valery I. Frants | Craig B. Brush

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Historical note: Information retrieval and the future of an illusion
Don R. Swanson

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Progress in communication sciences
Glynn Harmon

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Introduction and overview
Lois F. Lunin | Marion J. Ball

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Part I. The IAIMS initiatives of NLM. Institutional planning for advanced information services
Donald A. B. Lindberg

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Part II. Planning and implementing integrated information services. Integration and outreach: Integrated Academic Information Management Systems (IAIMS) at Maryland
Marion J. Ball | Judith V. Douglas

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The management of change: Lessons learned from the IAIMS experience
Marjorie P. Wilson | Robert J. McCarter Jr. | Alan B. McKay | Rosnec Estime

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IAIMS infrastructure: Technological base
James I. Penrod | Ronald Witte

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Part III. Implementation of integrated information services. Library/computer center partnership
Cyril C. H. Feng | Frieda O. Weise

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Integration across institutions: IAIMS extended
Naomi C. Broering | Cyril Feng | Nina W. Matheson

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Clinical linkages: IAIMS at the University of Utah
Homer R. Warner

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Medical informatics education
John L. Zimmerman | Jan H. van Bemmel | Otto Rienhoff

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Programmatic intent of IAIMS - past and future. The National Library of Medicine's IAIMS Grant Program: Experiences and futures
Richard T. West