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1988 Volume 39 Issue 5

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Order effects: A study of the possible influence of presentation order on user judgments of document relevance
Michael Eisenberg | Carol L. Barry

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Information science in wartime: Pioneer documentation activities in World War II
Pamela Spence Richards

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Introduction and overview
Lois F. Lunin | Marianne Cooper

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Part I. Curricula and accreditation. Education of the information professional: A library school perspective
Robert M. Hayes

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Information science and information-related educational programs: Their diversity and accreditation
Joy K. Moll | Barbara J. Flood

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Technology: An agent for change in education for information science
Julie M. Hurd

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Part II. Three schools with a new twist. Information science at Rutgers: Establishing new interdisciplinary connections
James D. Anderson | Nicholas J. Belkin | Linda C. Lederman | Tefko Saracevic

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Syracuse University School of Information Studies: A tradition of innovation
Barbara Settel | Donald A. Marchand

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Drexel University College of Information Studies: Evolving programs, new connections
Diana Woodward

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Part III. The fellow travelers. Information resource management: Research, education, and practice
Richard H. Lytle

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Educating archivists: Speculations on the past, present, and future
Richard J. Cox

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Informatics and education in the health professions
Marion J. Ball | Judith V. Douglas | Lois F. Lunin

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Part IV. Different perspectives. Options and trends in the training of information professionals
Trudi Bellardo

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Has international education been politicized?
Marta Dosa

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Professional identity and the information professional
Carol Oen | Marianne Cooper

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Education of the information professional: What employers want
Barbara M. Preschel

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Part V. The future. Challenges to information science education
Guy Garrison