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1988 Volume 39 Issue 6

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Decision making in online searching
Lyn Blackshaw | Baruch Fischhoff

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Bibliographic pattern matching using the ICL Distributed Array Processor
David M. Carroll | Christine A. Pogue | Peter Willett

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Reviewing the gatekeepers: A survey of referees of library journals
Stuart Glogoff

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Some reliability issues in very large databases
Clifford A. Lynch

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The Fussler sampling technique
Ronald Rousseau

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Exact fits to large ranked, bibliometric distributions
Belver C. Griffith

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Evaluating cocited author search performance in a collaborative specialty
Katherine W. McCain

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Author motivation for not citing influences: A methodological note
Michael H. MacRoberts | Barbara R. MacRoberts

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Protecting privacy in two-way electronic services
Diana Woodward

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String indexing
James D. Anderson

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INFOTRENDS: Profiting from your information resources
Mary J. Culnan