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1989 Volume 25 Issue 3

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A generic machine for parallel information retrieval
Ravi Sharma

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All users of information retrieval systems are not created equal: An exploration into individual differences
Christine L. Borgman

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An expert system for searching in full-text
Susan Gauch | John B. Smith

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Automatic thesaurus construction by machine learning from retrieval sessions
Ulrich Güntzer | Gerald Jüttner | Gerhard Seegmüller | Frank Sarre

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Dynamic cluster maintenance
Fazli Can | Esen A. Ozkarahan

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Enhancing arithmetic and tree-based coding
Mostafa A. Bassiouni | Amar Mukherjee | N. Ranganathan

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Applying row-column permutation to matrix representations of large citation networks
Charles V. Packer

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Similarity measures in scientometric research: The Jaccard index versus Salton's cosine formula
Lieve Hamers | Yves Hemeryck | Guido Herweyers | Marc Janssen | Hans Keters | Ronald Rousseau | André Vanhoutte

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Application of the Cobb-Douglas model to the use of information resources by industry in Croatia, Yugoslavia
Jadranka Svarc | Alfred Svarc