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1989 Volume 25 Issue 5

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Set-oriented retrieval
Abraham Bookstein

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An information retrieval model based on modal logic
Jian-Yun Nie

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Optimum probability estimation from empirical distributions
Norbert Fuhr | Hubert Hüther

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The Livermore intelligent gateway: An integrated information processing environment
Hilary D. Burton

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Complex view support for a library database system
Hideki NishimotoShoji Ura

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Analysis of Lotka's law: The Simon-Yule approach
Ye-Sho Chen

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A methodology for measuring user satisfaction
D. N. J. Mostert | Jan H. P. Eloff | Sebastiaan H. von Solms

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Are frequent computer users more satisfied?
Ravinder Nath

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An experimental investigation of the effects of some information system design variables on performance, preference, and learning
Matthew J. Liberatore | George J. Titus | Michael W. Varano | Paul W. Dixon

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A net benefits approach to measuring retrieval performance
J. Christopher Westland

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Information processing as a central issue in philosophy of science
Roberto Refinetti