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1989 Volume 7 Issue 3

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Optimum Polynomial Retrieval Functions Based on the Probability Ranking Principle
Norbert Fuhr

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A Critical Investigation of Recall and Precision as Measures of Retrieval System Performance
Vijay V. Raghavan | Gwang S. Jung | Peter Bollmann

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Storing Text Retrieval Systems on CD-ROM: Compression and Encryption Considerations
Shmuel T. Klein | Abraham Bookstein | Scott C. Deerwester

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Knowledge-Based Search Tactics for an Intelligent Intermediary System
Philip J. Smith | Steven J. Shute | Deb Galdes | Mark H. Chignell

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Information Retrieval Using a Hypertext-Based Help System
F. R. Campagnoni | Kate Ehrlich

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The Constituent Object Parser: Syntactic Structure Matching for Information Retrieval
Douglas P. Metzler | Stephanie W. Haas