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1990 Volume 26 Issue 1

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Honor list of IP & M referees
Tefko Saracevic

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Jason Farradane
Penelope A. Yates-Mercer

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Integrative mechanisms in the growth of knowledge: A legacy of Manfred Kochen
Don R. Swanson

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Natural language processing and information retrieval
Alan F. Smeaton

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Interpreting nominal compounds for information retrieval
L. S. Gay | W. Bruce Croft

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Anaphora in natural language processing and information retrieval
Elizabeth Du | Ross Liddy

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Conjunction, ellipsis, and other discontinuous constituents in the constituent object parser
Douglas P. Metzler | Stephanie W. Haas | Cynthia L. Cosic | Charlotte A. Weise

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On the application of syntactic methodologies in automatic text analysis
Gerard Salton | Chris Buckley | Maria Smith

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Indexing medical reports: The rime approach
Catherine Berrut

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SILOL: A simple logical-linguistic document retrieval system
Tengku M. T. Sembok | C. J. van Rijsbergen

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Topic parsing: Accounting for text macro structures in full-text analysis
Udo Hahn

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Constructing literature abstracts by computer: Techniques and prospects
Chris D. Paice