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1990 Volume 26 Issue 2

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Storage and retrieval of structured documents
Ian A. Macleod

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Document retrieval: A structural approach
Xin Lu

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Content based text handling
Christoph Schwarz

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A case study of caching strategies for a distributed full text retrieval system
T. Patrick Martin | Ian A. Macleod | Judy I. Russell | Ken Leese | Brett Foster

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Implementing a knowledge-based library information system with typed horn logic
Hassan Aït-Kaci | Roger Nasr | Jungyun Seo

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A comparison of two-poisson, inverse document frequency and discrimination value models of document representation
Padmini Srinivasan

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Fuzzy query processing using clustering techniques
Mohamed Kamel | B. Hadfield | Mohamed A. Ismail

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Semi-automatic determination of citation relevancy: User evaluation
G. David Huffman

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Morphological compression of Arabic text
Sabah S. Al-Fedaghi | Humoud B. Al-Sadoun

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Cluster analysis of international information and social development
Jesús Lau