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1990 Volume 26 Issue 4

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Porat, Bell, and the information society reconsidered: The growth of information work in the early twentieth century
Jörge Reina Schement

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The information utility project: A glimpse into the library of the future
Jacob Slonim | Michael A. Bauer

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Information systems and development in the third world
James Heitzman

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Cognitive styles and online behavior of novice searchers
Elisabeth Logan

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Wayfinding in an electronic database: The relative importance of navigational cues vs. mental models
Stephen T. Kerr

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Using bitmaps for medium sized information retrieval systems
Abraham Bookstein | Shmuel T. Klein

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Knowledge organization in an information retrieval task
Bryce Allen

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Facet tabulation of index terms
Hikomaro Sano

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Generating indices with lexical association methods: Term uniqueness
G. David Huffman | Dennis A. Vital | Royal G. Bivins Jr.